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Ambar Especial

Type: Lager
Such a versatile companion makes it a perfectly balanced beer, with can be recognized by its amber color thanks to its medium roasted malt. This beer is brewed with the finest barley and hops, fermented at a low temperature and matures slowly to achieve a perfect body and aroma

Alc 5,2%

Ambar Radler

Type: Radler
Ambar Radler is the usual beer with lemon juice, in a perfect ratio to refresh and satisfy even the most brewing palates. A Radler with 2,5% VOL that disassembles myths, like beer with lemons is not beer, or just like those who have no idea of this

Alc 2,5%

Ambar Tostada 0,0

Type: 0,0
Made after a complete fermentation process and alcohol evaporation slowly at low temperature and a low pressure, which maintains its properties intact.

Alc 0,0%

Ambar Sin Gluten

Type: Lager
It is hard to believe that, if you take gluten away from something, it can taste exactly the same. But it’s true. We would never joke about anything as serious as this. Ambar Especial Apta para Celíacos maintains all the taste, body and aroma of Ambar Especial, as well as the price.

Alc 5,2%

Ambar Export

Type: Extra
Three malts had to be used to achieve this type of beer. And that is what we did. It is brewed with three malts, has a double fermentation period and slowly matures in the cellar, achieving a beer with more body, taste and character.

Alc 7,0%

Ambar IPA

Type: Indian Pale Ale
More intense, more hoppy and more aromatic. The IPA was born in 1796 in order to preserve beer for more than 6 months on a sea voyage between the United Kingdom and India

Alc 5,7%

Ambar 1900

Type: Pale Ale
Ambar 1900 is a subtle beer that is full of aromas. It is smooth on the palate, with a pale color and fine bubbles, and its amount of nuances is surprising. The fresh fruit from the high temperature fermentation predominates on the nose

Alc 4,8%

Ambar 10

Type: Special
The 10 varieties of hops originating in Australia, the United States, England, France, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Spain make Ambar q0 a unique beer. They balance out its 10 degrees of alcohol content, harmonizing it with its aroma, bitterness and powerful body

Alc 10,0%

Ambar Trigal

Type: Special
Inspired by Belgian way of incorporating wheat into their recipes, our proposal is durum wheat from the Monegros desert

Alc 6,0%

Ambar Urquell

Type: Pilsner
The original pilsner. In 1842, at our brewery in Plzen, brewer Josef Groll introduced the world to the first golden “pilsner” lager, and changed beer forever. His invention soon became the most popular style of beer on the planet

Alc 4,4%